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Metabolic Medical Center has two @Home programs that are easy to use and follow.  When you have reached your goal, we will show you how to keep the weight off permanently with our Maintenance Plans.

Modified Profast®  @Home

Nutriplus®  @Home

The MMC @Home programs were designed for people that do not have access to our medical offices. If you are close to one of our offices, we encourage you to take advantage of the individualized services that our doctors and staff offer.

We recommend you talk to your Physician or medical provider before you begin any weight loss program.  We strongly encourage you see your physician if:
• You are taking specialized medications, especially for diabetes
• You are under 18 or over 60
• Diagnosed with any serious medical condition

Dr. Douglas J. Jones a Board Certified Endocrinologist, researched, studied, and developed these programs at the Medical University of South Carolina.  He applied this knowledge to develop a diet that was healthy and nutritious for his diabetic patients.  The side effects Dr. Jones noticed were weight loss, increased energy, and a reduction or elimination of certain medications.  Through more research, he found this new weigh of eating was beneficial to all patients regardless of medical background.

MMC @Home

Success Stories

Erin’s Story

Kay’s Story

“I have maintained this weight loss for the past 16 months. After spending the majority of my adult life being overweight, and countless diet programs…

“I weighted 240 lbs and the thought of reaching 300 pounds made me suicidal.  A co-worker saw I was emotionally distraught and recommended an endocrinologist that was working wonders with weight loss…

“After losing 25 lbs in my first two weeks alone, it was obvious that I finally found a program that worked.  Before that, I tried every diet system imaginable.

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