Tips for Parents


At Home:
• Offer healthy food choices to your child at snacks and meals. Keeping a bowl of washed fruit* on the counter can encourage having fruit as a snack. Washed and cut vegetables in the refrigerator make a handy, quick snack.
• Consider ending your meal with a piece of fresh fruit* instead of a rich dessert.
• Carefully control what you cook, how you cook, and the size of food portions.
• Make time to exercise: after meals, take a walk as a family; turn off the TV or computer and use the time to move.

At School:
• Check to see if candy and soda vending machines are in your child’s school and ask when students are allowed to use them. You may need to advocate for their removal.
• Read the school lunch menus and ask how foods are being prepared. Talk with your child about his or her food choices.

At Restaurants:
• Make wise food choices: choose lower fat foods and consume fried foods rarely. Choose smaller portions.
• Select water or reduced fat milk to drink rather than soda with your meal.

Every Day:
• Model the behavior you want your child to do by making wise food and exercise choices for yourself.

*choose fruits that are lower in sugar. Some fruits like bananas and pineapples have high sugar content.



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