Menu Planning


A sure way to make menu planning easy is to follow a few simple tips:

  • Check your favorite grocery store’s weekly sales. (This will help create ideas and help save money.)
  •  Eat a variety of vegetables and meats. Plan to try a new dish at least once a week.
  •  Keep a salad full of vegetables all mixed up in gallon zip lock bag. This is less expensive than store-bought bag salads, and tastes a lot fresher! You can also grab a salad anytime!
  •  Add some color to your diet! Remember that the greener or darker red a vegetable is, the more nutrients it provides.
  •  Plan meals that you can put in the crock pot. This makes dinner time so much easier! And it is tastier and healthier than fast food.

Any meals that you can prepare ahead of time will help you stick to your diet and save time.

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