Exercise Tips

Sometimes walking or running on a treadmill can get so boring. And boredom causes discouragement. So try new ways to get your exercise and keep motivated:

  • Take a walk or a jog in a nearby park or neighborhood you always wanted to see more of. Enjoy the change of scenery.!
  • Start an exercise group. Get together a few determined friends and pick a time each day to meet at the gym, neighborhood or local park. Good conversation can make anything enjoyable!
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or park at the back of the parking lot instead of circling for the closest space.
  • Get a pedometer (counts the # of steps a person takes) and wear it for one day. See how much you walk each day and set yourself goals to walk a little more each day.
  • Instead of sitting on the couch at night watching your favorite show, try doing crunches or lift small dumbbells as you watch.

There is no easy way to stay motivated to exercise regularly. But if you try keeping a routine interesting (yes I said routine and interesting, it is possible), and multi task on occasion, it will make it more enjoyable.


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