1. Don’t deprive yourself of food.  Deprivation causes craving.
  2. Taste anything you like, but keep it to a taste.  This means one or two (at the most) bites.
  3. Give yourself permission to do things and eat things that are important to you–not just any foods, but the ones that are really important to you.
  4.  Use lots of substitution.  If you enjoy a drink when out at parties, make it last the whole evening.  Begin with club soda  with a twist.  Do this for the first 2 or 3 drinks and then have a real one.  Savor this one, then go back to soda Don’t hang around the food tables.
  5. Fill your plate from the veggie tray and move away.  Munch on your veggies and get involved with some good conversation.  Good conversation makes any food taste better.
  7.   Your attitude will set the tone for the entire Christmas season. If you have  an attitude of happiness, peace, love, and joy, then you will find that you can   handle the food very nicely.
  8.   Practice your assertiveness skills when friends try to coerce you into eating foods, (especially foods that you know you should avoid). Be prepared to speak up and say “No thank you, I don’t care for any.” Say it as many times as you must   to get the point across.
  9.   Spend more time “activity oriented” as opposed to “food oriented.” It can   be just as much fun and far more rewarding after the holidays are over.
  10.  Make a game out of what you are doing. Look for the self satisfaction of   being the best possible. At the first party of the season make a mental note of   how many times you find yourself at the food table or being offered food. If it   was 4 times as the first party, make it 3 at the next, and so on. Nobody but you   will know about the game and you will be the big winner.
  11. Do some “visualizing”. Picture yourself after the holidays. Form a mental image of yourself. Is it what you wish to see? Rehearse before a party or a big   meal. Visualize the result that you want to achieve. Then be proud of yourself   for handling the food situation well.
  12.  Self discipline is the controlling factor that makes all of the others work.  So, make sure that you take all of you medications, and keep your appointments.   Don’t make excuses for not staying with the diet. Your health and weight should   be more important than any party or function.

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