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Good/Bad Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.  They fuel the cells and the brain.  Chemically, they are merely different forms of simple sugars linked together in polymers – something like edible plastic.  When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, your body uses what it needs for energy or stress.  However, storage space is limited… (Read More)


Exercise Tips

Sometimes walking or running on a treadmill can get so boring. Boredom causes discouragement.  So, try new ways to get your exercise and keep motivated.  For example, Take a walk or a jog in a nearby park or neighborhood you’ve always wanted to see.  This can be especially fun around the holidays… (Read More)


Tips for Parents

Are your kids learning bad eating habits? Check out these tips.


Menu Planning

A sure way to make menu planning easy, is to follow a few simple tips.  1) Check your favorite grocery store’s weekly sales ads.  This tends to spark creativity and helps save money.  2) Eat a variety of meats and vegetables… (Read More)


12 Tips

Make this a holiday season of experimentation.  You don’t have to stick to the traditional foods that you’ve always eaten.  Choose lighter, newer recipes for the parties you host, remember you have more control for your parties.  Make healthy choices when with others… (Read More)


Quick Guide for Freezing Foods

Learn how to get the most from your freezer.  Correct freezer temperature is 0° Fahrenheit.  Freezer temperature is crucial to storage of your food and should be check often… (Read More)


FFT Articles

“You don’t have to be bored when using the treadmill”, by Fiona Soltes
Gannett News Service.
Lets think of a few ways you might actually enjoy that treadmill….

What is Protein?”,
Proteins are the basic constituent of all living organisms…

“Vitamins”  Definition:  A group of substances essential to normal metabolism, growth and development…

“Tips for Dinning Out”  It’s a lot easier to control what you are going to eat in a restaurant than at someone else’s dinner table…

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