Setting Goals

(A few tips to help you build goal setting skills)


1. GOALS SHOULD BE YOUR OWN. If you are trying to achieve someone else’s goal, chances are you won’t be successful for the long term.


2. GOALS SHOULD BE SPECIFIC. “I want to exercise more” isn’t specific enough – how do you know when you have “exercised more”? A better goal would be “I want to exercise 4 times this week”.


3. GOALS SHOULD BE ACHIEVABLE. For a person who is just beginning a Power-Walk program, it would be unrealistic to set a goal of “I will Power-Walk every day for 2 hours”. Begin slowly and build up your endurance. Starting too quickly often leads to quitting after only a few days.


4. GOALS SHOULD SPECIFY COMPLETION DATES OR TIME FRAMES. Consider this goal: “over the course of the next week, I want to exercise 4 times for 20 minutes each time”. This statement specifies a time frame for completing the goal – within 1 week.


5. VISUALIZE THE RESULTS OF YOUR GOAL. Form an image of what you wish to achieve, such as a trimmer, firmer and fitter person than you are now.



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