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In Defense of Fat
Menu Planning Tips
What is in my medications?
Calorie Analysis for Protein Foods
Calories burned per minute for Various Activities
12 Tips
Sweetners and Sugars
Controlled Medicine Information
Essential Fatty Acids for Superimmunity
(Dinning Out)Food for Thought
In the News
Insulin Index



BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
BMI – Body Mass Index
%BF – Percent Body Fat
Portion Size


MMC News Blog Articles

What is Type 2 Diabetes?
What is the Metabolic Syndrome?
What are risks to my health from being overweight?
John Hopkins Study

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Helpful Weight Loss Links

American Society for Nutrition
American Diabetes Association
Shape up America


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“I have maintained this weight
loss for the past 16 months.
After spending the majority
of my adult life being overweight,
and countless diet programs…


“I weighted 240 lbs and the thought
of reaching 300 pounds made me
suicidal.  A co-worker saw I was
emotionally distraught and
recommended an endocrinologist
that was working wonders with
weight loss…


“After losing 25 lbs in my first two
weeks alone, it was obvious
that I finally found a program that
worked.  Before that, I tried every
diet system imaginable.

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