Modified Profast Fast Facts

The Modified Profast Program for weight loss is based on moderate protein, low fat, reduced carbohydrates, nutritionally balanced meal-supplements, and regular foods from an approved list.  After your initial visit, you and your doctor will go over the results of your lab work and discuss any metabolic issues you may have.  Patients typically spend 2-6 weeks on the Modified Profast program before transitioning to another program.  Patients report this to be an easy and flexible program with great results.  Average weight loss is 4-6 pounds the first week and 2-4 pounds each week following.  Average cost for this program is $127.00 every two weeks or $199.00 every four weeks and all supplies are included.  Patients are monitored by their doctor every two to four weeks.

*  Everyones weight loss is different depending on how much weight you have to lose, what program you chose, how well you follow the program, and any medical issues that may exist.

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