Modified ProFast

This phase of our weight loss program will gradually re-introduce solid food back into your system.  Metabolic Medical Centers will work with you to find a balance between lean meats, vegetables, and meal-replacements.  This keeps you feeling strong and healthy, while allowing your body to adjust to smaller portions and more nutritionally beneficial food.
You and your doctor will determine your need for additional supplements based on the results of your initial office visit.
On each visit, you will be weighed, your blood pressure will be checked, and you will discuss your progress with your doctor.  Any challenges or questions will be addressed, as well as ensuring that you have all vitamins and supplements needed until your next visit.
Our doctors can adjust this weight loss plan to allow for more activity if necessary.  Going straight from the Modified Profast back to eating unrestricted food may cause you to gain weight unless done properly.  We want to teach you a new way to eat and a new “lifestyle” so that you will not gain back weight you worked so hard to lose.

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Modified Profast

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Modified Profast Fast Facts

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