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Katherine Before                        Katherine After
“I have maintained this weight loss for the past 16 months.  After spending the majority of my adult life being overweight, and countless diet programs, I finally found something that was nutritional, satisfying, fit my lifestyle and the weight slid off.”



Brenda Before                              Brenda After
“I weighed 240 pounds and the thought of reaching 300 pounds made me suicidal.  A co-worker saw I was emotionally distraught and recommended an endocrinologist that was working wonders with weight loss.  One week after my appointment with Dr. Jones, my life began to change.  I had lost 13 pounds and his diagnosis of my hypothyroidism made me feel like a different person.  After so many failed attempts, I knew I was well on my way to taking charge of my life again.  Ten months later, I had lost a total of 105 pounds, which I have maintained.  Every time I see those 50 lb bags of dog food I visualize myself carrying two of them and wonder how I did it.”

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