Metabolic Medical Center vs. “The Others”

What makes Metabolic Medical Center so great?  A diet’s a diet, right?  Metabolic Medical Center has pinpointed what sets it apart from “the other” diet programs and plans.
First and foremost, we are a medical practice.  Metabolic Medical Center considers biological issues and metabolic issues when approaching weight loss.  If there are  medical problems, we can find them and treat them to make your success in losing weight more achievable.
MMC is a specialist in the areas of weight loss and weight management. We offer you the complete package.  As you enter our doors, you are greeted and made to feel welcome by our friendly and supportive staff.  It is imperative that our staff be able to explain our programs clearly, answer questions you may have and also understand the medical premise.  One of the reasons the staff knows the programs so well is because they have been or are currently following one of the programs.  They are also trained in offering you the best one-on-one support and encouragement.  You receive personal attention when you’re in the office and online support or phone support between visits.
On other programs you may lose weight, but what is the long term success?  Long term weight management is the true mark of success.  MMC has proven, throughout the years, that long term healthy weight is achievable.  Many programs have contracts to sign, membership dues, point systems, pre-packaged food, and classes all ending with  “Results not Typical”.
Our proven medical research and supportive staff makes our results typical.  We offer you no contracts to sign, no membership dues, supportive and knowledgeable staff, creative menu options, long term success and online support.
Everything you need for your program is included in the price at MMC.  Many others charge extra for food, supplements, and vitamins.  There are no “re-joining” fees if you haven’t been to the office in a while and decide to come back.   There are no “processing fees”.
When the other programs fail, the weight usually comes back, plus more.  MMC actually teaches patients how to maintain a healthy weight in order to ensure success.  We’re with you every step of the “weigh”!

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