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“I started my diet 11 days ago. I am using the modified 2 shakes and 2 meals a day plan. It’s not as fast, but I have had NO problems or discomfort at all. This is the best diet program ever! I have lost about 7 pounds according to my scales. Monday will be my first official weigh-in since I started, so I am hoping their scales will be similar to mine. I really can’t complain about anything– I feel good; I actually enjoy the shakes and I haven’t felt like I have been deprived of anything… which has always been the case with other diets I have tried. I think the shakes provide the sweets that I always crave.”
“On to the good news, when I started this program, I, too, set out a pair of jeans I really wanted to wear again. That was my ONLY goal. (well, and to decrease my size by ½)

I am happy to report, that they FINALLY fit! Not the fit-so-tight-wear-protective -eyewear-because-the-button-might-blow-at-any-moment-muffin-top-fit…….I mean, fit like they “should”!! I thought I would NEVER see that again.”

“I have really enjoyed this message board. It’s nice to know there are others going thru EXACTLY what you are going thru. I was lucky, though, I recruited my Best Friend to MMC after I told her about my first visit and my first week results. She has since lost 45 lbs….”

“I too did Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems and Jenny Craig and South Beach…and the list goes on and on….. While they all had the pros and cons, I have found this to be the easiest plan to manage (not much thought into it) while providing pretty fast results. There is some work on your part as far as willpower (which i had none of…). With the “other” plans I would lose 5-10 lbs and get stuck…It would not budge. ”

“I’m actually spending less money at the grocery store for a family of four than ever before because I don’t need to buy processed foods. I hit the meat isle and the fresh produce for the most part. I’ve also found that shopping at a local produce stand saves big too! I bought 5 tomatoes, 6 cucumbers, 1 large eggplant, 4 zuchinni, 2 pints of cherry tomatoes, and a bundle of white grapes for the kiddos for $16. I know right?”

“I also love talking to the doctor each visit. The personal attention you receive is well worth the money you pay for the program. ”
“CONGRATS! You sound so excited and determined. I am like you; this is the first diet that has truly worked for me and that I’ve stuck with. I started on 6-23-09 and I’ve lost around 24 pounds so far!”

“I would go from one extreme to the other in my “BEFORE MMC LIFE”. There were times when I wouldn’t eat “meals” for day. I was just to busy and would skip meal after meal. And then…there were days that I would snack and munch all day long….and once I started…I was there utnil it was all gone! It was such a horrible habit I had gotten into! I, too, was raised to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club”. We honstely had a board on our kitchen wall and earned STARS if we cleaned our plate. (what a TERRIBLE thing to do …in hind sight) that mentality has lasted my whole life. Oh…let’s not forget the “waste not want not” lecture, too. Even as long as I have been working to lose the weight and get healthy, which includees a healthy mentality baout food, I still can’t shake the “Clean Plate Club” ordeal. And even though I am full, I will pack it in if it’s on my plate. SO here was my solution……I got rid of the “BIG” (normal sized plates) plates in my cabinet and now I eat off smaller plates.”

“Don’t let one hiccup kill the diet- it is so much bigger then that. It is so much bigger then two brownies- it is bigger then a pan of brownies. Tomorrow is a new day- just move on- and keep picturing those skinny jeans!!!”

“You know what, I thought about it being a lil expensive at first (It’s really not too bad) but when you think about it, it’s actually a small price to pay when you realize how happy you are being “SMALLER.” When I think about the clothes that I will be able to buy & wear….not to mention actually look really good in. It wouldn’t matter if it was twice the price. The price of the diet doesn’t match how confident I will become and how much healthier I will be.

“Congrats on sticking with the plan. I guess if I could say something I would say, don’t beat yourself up if you cheat. And get on here and post post post. Nothing like being able to chat with those who have conquered milestones that know what you are going through and to help encourage the beginners.”
“Without posting to much about someone else- I come in contact with a lady a couple times a week that has lost over 75 pounds… she is a totally different person. In an act of desperation- I asked what she was doing… she told me MMC- and that was it… I called and made an appointment. I think about that- and am so greatful. She has no idea that what she has accomplished for herself- has been able to motivate me at such a desperate point in my life.”

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“I found the posts to be very helpful too — especially to see people having success on this diet. I have tried them all and this one seems to be working best so far.”


“I swear if it wasn’t for this board and the ladies rooting me on the other day telling me that it is gonna be alright I probably would have given up when I cheated on Day 2.”


“Have been reading all of the encouraging posts on here. This a a great thing, it helps to keep you motivated and from falling off the wagon and cheating! ”

“Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. That is what I needed to hear. You all helped me so much. I’m glad this board exists.”

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