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What are the steps of a new patient?

They will have their blood drawn and an EKG done. We go over the programs , and then they meet with the doctor to go over their history and a physical. Then we will see if there are any specific needs that they may have.     (watch Video)


What should I expect on my second visit?

At the next visit we will go over the lab work and customize their plan based on the results.  This is where we will see if there are any additional heath issues and address them.


Do you find that there are other medical issues that prevent patients from losing weight?

Many patients have metabolic issues that need to be addressed before they can lose weight.


What is the problem with being overweight?

There are many health problems to being overweight.  The weight on your joints becomes an issue.  As you become further over weight you will have problems with mobility; problems walking around and shortness of breath going up steps and getting to the mailbox.  Also problems that come around with being overweight are heart disease and diabetes.  They are not even aware they have those issues.  All of a sudden they are in the hospital with a heart attack.  That’s why many people come to us, not just for appearance reasons, but for health reasons.


Why doctor assisted, why not weight watchers?

Our programs where developed from medical experience. The advice and experience is unparalleled.  People come in expecting that they won’t lose weight.  Yet, they continue to lose weight. There are things that need to be adjusted, and that’s what we pinpoint on the lab exam.


What about keeping the weight off?

We really encourage our patients to learn maintenance.  It’s more of a lifestyle change and once they’ve made that change it’s not difficult.


So are your patients locked in to taking the shakes?

Our patients are told how to eat with or without the shakes.  The shakes are a simple way of providing nutrition throughout the day.  We don’t keep them on the shakes, although many choose to say on them because they are easy to make and taste great.


Do you find that people go other places first?

People don’t always tell me where they have gone first.  Some have come in and said, “I have tried everything.”  Most patients have tried to lose weight before. Whether its on their own or with another program.  Most people have struggled with weight for many years.  So we would say come to us first because in the long run you will save money because you do not have to go from program to program.  What you are doing here is true and proven.


Why should people come to Metabolic first?

We know this program works and have shown it over a 12 year period.  You also learn ways to keep it off.  We teach people how to eat properly.


Why do you use shakes and are we expected to use them forever?

We use them along with whole foods to help get the weight off.  We don’t expect our patients to use them long term, although some chose to because they are so tasty.


Are your shakes better than a healthy, homemade smoothie?

Our shakes are better because when you add in the fruit you add in sugar which is high in calories. Our shakes are low in calories.


Why is it important to see a doctor when losing a lot of weight?

You need a doctor that can look for the things that will cause problems with weight loss and slow down or even prevent you from losing weight.


What are the things that keep patients coming back?

Our patients come back because they are successful and our programs work.

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