Holiday Guide

Stay on track this season by applying these simple tips over the holiday celebrations and you’ll not only survive, but shine as a weight loss star.

Adopt A New Theme

This year, find a new theme for your party. Go green! Go organic! Go for something new, invigorating and healthful. Set out live plants in place of dried ones, decorate with vibrant colors and inspirational phrases and make ecco-conscious, wholesome dishes. green is vogue this year!

Never Grocery Shop While Hungry

Be sure to eat before you shop for your party and have a complete checked and rechecked list in hand before entering those sliding doors. If not, you’ll find the wafting scents from the bakery are driving your cart.

Cut The Fat

Try to skim down the fat and calories in your holiday recipes. For instance, use turkey bacon, reduced-fat mayonnaise and fat-free or low fat sour cream in place of their high-cal equivalents.

Put A Halt On The Salt

Salt can increase your blood pressure, dehydrates you and causes water retention. Who wants to look bloated in that little black dress? Instead add vinegar or citrus juice in place of salt or add other spices to add flavor to a dish.

Holiday Hours

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