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Greatest Loser Program

We’ve all seen the hit TV show “The Biggest Loser” and witnessed the total transformation of the contestants. Physically their body changes, mentally their perception of food changes, and emotionally how they feel about food changes.
Together, contestants have found balance and motivation to make these changes. Metabolic Medical Center recognizes the importance of knowledge, support and motivation in losing weight and keeping it off.
That’s why we have developed our own version of “The Biggest Loser” so you can have life changing support right here at home.

How to Play (Not Available Now)

It’s simple, just call the office you would like to visit and tell the receptionist that you would like to be the next Greatest Loser and make an appointment for yourself and your challenger. Your challenger can be a friend, spouse, co-worker, or anyone you choose.
You AND your challenger will receive 1/2 off your first visit! (A $199 value for just $99.50)
You are encouraged to make your appointments together and the challenge will run for 90 days.
The person who loses the most percentage of body weight at the end of 90 days will be the winner.

What you Win

The winner of each group will receive a $2 credit for each pound lost towards their visit, as well as recognition on our display board if you so choose. You also win the fact that you are on the right track to a lighter and healthier you.

Are you the next Greatest Loser?

(Quotes from our Murrells Inlet Contestants)
Lisa -“Metabolic is a wonderful program to do with a partner. We had so much fun in this competition staying motivated and everything. We have really supported each other and it’s been motivating.”
TJ -“It’s always easier when you have people that hold you accountable. So the challenge made it really easy for us to all lose weight. Not only has it been really easy to fit into my lifestyle, I really like the people that work here.”
Beth -“It was a really good competition with friends. You can be challenged by each other and that keeps you motivated in itself. Challenged by trying to do good, not necessarily trying to beat each other, just challenging each other in doing good. It’s great having that kind of support.”

Greatest Loser Challenge

Program Ends Dec 23
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