The Nutriplus weight loss program incorporates a well balanced, low calorie diet that allows you to lose weight “plus” eat “regular” foods.  Metabolic Medical Centers have taken care to arrange the distribution of calories, particularly carbohydrates, to facilitate the loss of fat weight, retention of muscle mass, and appetite control.  Our Nutriplus Program helps you establish a foundation of dietary habits that will not only help you reach your weight goal, but will help you maintain your weight.  If you follow the guidelines closely, you will enjoy a steady and safe weight loss.


This weight loss program focuses on the reduction of carbohydrate rich foods.  Metabolic Medical Centers collective experience, with many years of success, has shown that this type of diet works very well for persons who are overweight.  Reducing the carbohydrate intake decreases the the demand for the hormone insulin, thus decreasing your appetite and fat deposits.  Overweight individuals have the tendency to be insulin resistant, a condition that drives up the appetite while causing other undesirable effects such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


On each visit you will be weighed, have your blood pressure checked and meet with a medical assistant and doctor.  You will also receive any medications and/or supplements needed until your next visit.


Exercise is essential.  Start a program that you can succeed with and continue to increase the time spent exercising until you reach a weekly goal of 2-3 hours of moderate activity.  When you begin the Nutriplus Program, we advise you to limit exercise for the first month to allow your body time to adjust to the reduction in calories.  In just a short time, you will find your energy level will be higher and your drive to exercise will increase.  Discuss any exercise plans with your doctor before you begin.



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