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“Making Your Meals Healthier”
(Mayo Clinic)
Making meals healthier is not as hard as it may seem.  Keeping a well stocked pantry… (Read More)

“A Daily Stroll, Strong Medicine”
(Associated Press)
All those mall walkers are onto something.  A major study found that a daily stroll keeps older people living longer.. The research suggests that for folks in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, walking is powerful medicine… (Read More)

“Obesity may Speed the Rate of Aging”
(from Gannett News Service)
Adults who were obese as children will show the signs of aging much faster than adults who were of normal weight in childhood, pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Henry Anhult said.  “Fat cells accumulated during childhood adversely effect aging in adulthood, ”  Anhult says… (Read More)

Calories Burned per Minute of Various Activities (.pdf format)
Estimated calories burned are based on activities per minute.  Actual calories burned vary with your individual body weight. the more you weigh, the more you burn, as indicated by the chart.

Calorie Analysis For Protein Foods (.pdf format)
An analysis of calories, proteins and fats in popular protein rich foods are listed here.  A downloadable, printable quick guide for quick reference.
(Read More)


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“You don’t have to be bored when using the treadmill”, by Fiona Soltes

Gannett News Service.
Lets think of a few ways you might actually enjoy that treadmill….

“What is Protein?”,
Protiens are the basic constituent of all living organisms…

“Vitamins”  Definition:  A group of substances essential to normal metabolism, growth and development…

“Tips for Dining Out”  It’s a lot easier to control what you are going to eat in a restaurant than at someone else’s dinner table…

“Setting Goals”  A few tips to help you build your goal setting skills…



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