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What is the cost of the first visit?

Your initial office visit is $220.00.  However, consultations are free.


What do you get for $220.00?

Your evaluation is performed by the medical staff and physician which includes; medical history, physical exam, body fat analysis, measurement of abdominal girth, chest and hips, body mass index, blood work and an EKG.  Included in the blood work is a chemistry panel, lipid panel, insulin level and CBC.  This also includes all supplies you need to begin your program until your next scheduled visit.  (Over $600 value)   (Watch Video)


How much are the follow-up visits? What’s included?

Return visits average $127.00-$199.00.  All supplies for your program are included in this price.
*Price ranges depending on what program you and your doctor choose.*
*Can I really afford these programs?*


Do you accept insurance?

No.  But, we will give you the necessary papers so you may file.


Does MMC use HCG weight-loss products?

No. Why?


Are there any contracts to sign?



I was a patient in the past but haven’t been in a while, can I come back?

You are welcome back anytime.


Is there a re-start fee?

No.  But, depending on how long it has been since you were last seen, your doctor may need to order new lab tests.


How much time should I allot for my appointment?

It will vary, especially if you are a new patient and you have a lot of questions or a challenging medical situation. We want to be thorough when it comes to your health.

Work up visit and First visit to see the Doctor    1 ½  hours
Return visits                                                      10 to 25 minutes
Change in program visits                                   10 to 30 minutes


How much weight will I lose between visits?

It depends on many factors like how much weight you need to lose, which program you are on, how closely you follow the program(s), your gender and your medical condition. During the first period most people lose more weight due to water loss. Keep in mind that you are gaining more lean muscle, which means your body composition is changing.

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